Monday, 27 December 2010

The Hinterland

Well, that's that then.

Here we are in that gap between familial fixed grins and New Year tears.

Actually, this year has been much like most of late. Lunch round my Dad's, sober; leave early evening: get plastered.

I actually received a fair number of presents. Mostly down to my overly generous sister who knows how much I drink at the moment and kindly fed my habit.

So, the gap. Luckily I go back to work on Wednesday so I can fill those few hours with frustration and boredom pending an early night on Friday.

I shall not make any resolutions as THAT's something I really don't understand. Even though I do need to take action with regard to my future - both in terms of health and employment and general contentment.

If anyone has any ideas about the last bit...

All the very best!