Monday, 21 February 2011

The Delights of The State of things.

It goes on.

In the past few days, literally, I have had stories of the failure of the NHS,  the Police, Social Services and Education.

There appears to be systemic problems with all of these institutions with regard to any notion of the idea of 'care' for those who come into contact with them, or, if not the institutions, then the people employed in them.

Now this is either due to lack of funds, lack of staff (or the staff's lack of interest for why they are employed), the failure of managers or.. god knows what.

The examples:

1. Elderly patients left to fend for themselves in hospital. Meals left in front of patients unable to feed themselves.
2. No reply to follow up calls to the police in the case of a missing delinquent.
3. No imposition of rules in a school allegedly designed to help kids with special needs.
4. Lack of response from social services.

My advice:

If involved with any public body make as much noise as possible or give up and walk away.