Wednesday, 12 October 2011


The NHS is in the news.

Mainly due to the impending privatisation 'by the back door' and the tentacles of private firms making money as a result.

I appreciate the availability of publicly funded health care and, from my personal limited experience of it, long may it remain.

However, and in this piece I am not attacking individual's who work in the service, or the standards of care given in general, I do think a serious review of how the system speaks to its users is needed.

My elderly father has a serious heart compliant and has recently been diagnosed with bowel cancer. Fortunately it appears the doctors are happy that he is capable of dealing with a general anaesthetic so he awaits a letter giving him a date for the operation.

However, in the middle of the current situation, on two recent occasions, lack of communication between staff and patient, and one department and another, has causes undue stress.

My father found himself on a operating table after a 5 hour wait, only to be told that a minor procedure could not be carried out as he was awaiting the cancer operation. Both Medical Teams had been made aware of the patients condition so, it appears, he should never have been called for the minor op.

Recently he was re-admitted for a couple of day due to chest pains.

On release he was given a card with an appointment time to ensure his heart medication was re-set. Or that's the impression both he and I were given.

It transpired this was not the case.

So, this morning, with my sister's support, he has had a number of calls to and from his local GP surgery attempting to clarify who he needs to see and as quickly as possible. As you can imagine, not fun for a sick, stressed elderly man.

So, to conclude - communication is the key folks.

Its not drugs or guns that kill people, its People that kill People.

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