Sunday, 10 January 2010

Creativity, Twitter & The Blog.

Been thinking about the inertia issue. Again. 

I was wondering why I am able to waste entire days sitting about, watching t.v., watching dvds, commenting on the 'evil' Twitter, with occasional Facebook updates.

A Tweeting friend brought up the issue of 'creativity'.

In some ways Twitter is creative. Either from the point of view of instigating a multi-braching conversation, making someone 'LOL' at a comment or reply, by sharing photographs or by introducing, or being introduced to, new ideas, music, artists etc as a result of following a posted link.

However, true creativity is not spontaneous. 

It may result from a single idea, a mark on a page, but requires consideration, refining, honing and, most importantly in my opinion, time to mature.

I have toyed with creativity, wrote a derivative novel at age 19 (who hasn't!) and even sent it off to a few agents. I take photographs (doesn't EVERYONE these days?) some of which have been admired by friends and some of which even I think are okay. I even submitted words for a page of a collective online comic event which was used. Ahh, the irrational joy I felt to see my words translated into a picture.

I also have a friend who writes and it is this aspect that I think is really important.

The thing about Twitter and Facebook and all these 'social networking' sites, is that they bring folk like me into contact with people who can and do creative stuff. Its the standard thought: well if THEY can do it why can't I

The answer, of course, is 'I' can. 

But, and its a big BUT, the distinction between those who do and those who dream is the Act itself. It is the determination to do something; the energy and commitment to see something through or to put something on one side if it isn't 'working', the self-belief and, as important I think, a supportive environment.

Maybe I should try to write something. All I need is a good idea and a bit of determination not to waste Time. 

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