Monday, 2 November 2009

It Only Takes a Good Man to Do Nothing...

Don't you just love politicians?

Okay, no-one loves politicians, except their mothers, loved ones and children (I assume).

On Sunday I sent my previous blog to my local MP with a little more detail. My hope was that he may be able to assist, or advise on what might be possible.

While I appreciate he is far too busy to reply himself, his kindly secretary responded very promptly to my missive. Here is a part of that reply explaining why he could not help:

"One reason being that your sister is not one of [MP's name] constituents and we have very strict Parliamentary rules which stipulate MPs can only take up cases on behalf of their own constituents. 

Secondly, even if your sister was a constituent, [MP's name] could not help via a third party.  Your sister would have to contact him directly herself as data protection issues would come into force, particularly with medical issues and patient confidentiality."

So, in essence: Not My Problem. As you can see, it was suggested my sister contact her local MP. WELL DUH! 

Are MP's part of a 'team'? Can they not address the 'issue' rather than the specific case? Can they be 'bothered' at all?

So fair reader: not only do we exist in a bureaucratic nightmare world where medical, educational & social services don't link up, we also have to suffer a situation where our political representatives are not prepared or, it seems, 'able' to involve themselves with addressing fundamental problems in the system. 

What chance do we have? 

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