Sunday, 15 November 2009


My original plan was to comment on the theme of how the choices we make affect our lives in the vein of the Doctor Who story "Turn Left".

However, following a Twitter incident, the idea, while thematically similar, has itself has been re-directed.

I was watching Mr Harry Hill's comedy programme and had already commented about it when a fellow tweeter, twitterer.. (you'd think I'd know the correct terms by now!) also tweeted about Mr H's comedy god-like stature.

Assuming my fellow viewer had watched the whole show, I tweeted at them a 'comment', which, if that had been the case, would have been picked up and understood in the mutual pleasure/humourous manner intended.

Unfortunately, they had not been the case, so - quite naturally, they were taken aback by my tweet.

I hastily apologised and explained the tweet.

Now, as I am not one who takes pleasure in intentionally upsetting friends, aquaintances or even complete strangers (I still feel 'bad' about it now!), the incident highlights not only the power in a single word, but also the affect expressing it can have.

So, in keeping with my original plan for this blog: the choices we make, from which side of the bed we get out of to what words we choose to use can have a profound affect on ourselves and others.

Turn, left, turn right. Speaking your mind, keep your views to yourself. Writing something down and sending it, or deciding to  delete or bin it will ALL cause tiny changes to how we view the world and how other people view us.

Just saying.

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